Our near-month in Morocco was, at times…hectic. In fact, it may be the first country to which I have no desire to return. For one thing, we saw just about everything I wanted to see. But more significantly, we felt hassled and harassed almost every place we went. Chefchaouen was one exception to that. The other was Asilah.

The ancient seaside medina of Asilah is one of the most relaxing town centers I can imagine. It was full of tourists and still managed to feel like a secret getaway. The whitewashed walls against a glowing blue sky almost forced me to cast aside my worries and just appreciate the beauty. The sound of crashing waves and an Atlantic breeze followed us through every alley, and around random corners we would find the most vibrant murals.

It’s much easier to show you the beauty of Asilah than to tell you. So click below and enjoy our three days in Asilah, assembed via Steller:

Morocco: Taking a break in Chefchaouen
Climbing Jebel Toubkal, Morocco's tallest peak