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a pair of photographers, writers, and adventurers. Wild Imagining is our online trip journal and photo album, where you can find inspiration and advice for your next adventure.

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A City Break in Montreal

If I could, I’d go to Europe every other weekend. The charm, the food, the history...I can’t get enough. Obviously, biweekly transatlantic flights aren’t in my budget, but when we moved to Boston I was thrilled to learn that Quebec—specifically Montreal—is only a few...

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Chicago, Chicago: Hamilton and more

We went to Chicago for one reason: it has the cheapest tickets to Hamilton. Ben and I talked a few times last year about flying out there for a weekend just to see it. Why not, right? For the price of just the show tickets in New York, we could afford the Chicago...

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My whirlwind trip to Cuba

Last spring, I went to Cuba with a group of coworkers to check out my company’s group tours there. It was a quick trip—only five days—but it was a lovely introduction to Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Havana. At the time, diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba were...

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2018 Travel Plans: The Road Ahead

Since we moved to Boston nearly two years ago (!), travel has taken somewhat of a backseat in our lives. At least, travel in the “big adventure” sense. We have gone on plenty of short jaunts to neighboring towns, western Massachusetts, even far northern Vermont and...

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Skye Dreaming

Rain pummeled the canvas above our heads, candlelight flickered on the walls, and the scent of campfire lingered on our clothes. Ben and I were camped out in a "bell tent" on the edge of a meadow, not far from the sea on Scotland's Isle of Skye. As the shadows...

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Our Highlands Adventure

I have dreamed of adventuring in the Scottish Highlands since I read the work of Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns in 9th grade. Something about the craggy, mist-shrouded peaks and boggy moors appealed to me. Plus, I've been working on my taste for whisky for the last...

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